Lingual Brace

A lingual brace is a custom made device which is fixed onto the teeth. It consists of small brackets and arch wires which help secure the brace in position. This brace is a good alternative to the traditional metal and wire or ‘tram track’ brace which many patients find unappealing.

Lingual braces are cemented onto the rear side of the teeth which makes them practically invisible to the naked eye. This is in contrast to standard metal and wire braces which are fixed onto the front of teeth which means they are highly visible and less aesthetic.

This brace works in the same way as other types of braces. It exerts a series of tiny forces on the teeth which causes them to move gradually over a period of 1 to 3 years. This length of time depends upon individual patient requirements.

They are most effective at re-aligning crooked front teeth and certain cases of malocclusion but are less effective for people with smaller teeth or certain cases of a ‘bad bite’.

This brace is more expensive than other types, takes longer to adjust to and is not suitable for all orthodontic problems. Plus there is a risk of food debris becoming trapped between the brackets which are more difficult to remove, thereby increasing the risk of tooth decay.

You will be provided with a retainer to wear after treatment which stops the teeth from regressing.