Veneers are slim, natural coloured shells which are used to cover the signs of damage or discolouration to the teeth. They help improve the function and appearance of your teeth and last for many years.

Your dentist will fit veneers which match the natural colour of your teeth. A single veneer can be fitted if a tooth is chipped or stained or several can be used to cover irregularly shaped teeth. The number of veneers you have depends upon the extent of your condition and individual requirements.

There are two types of veneers:

  • MAC veneers
  • Da Vinci veneers

An alternative to these are lumineers: super slim shells which look very similar to veneers but are lighter and thinner.


Veneers are one of several options for improving the appearance of your smile. They form an important part of a smile makeover and are fabricated from porcelain or ceramic which is tough yet flexible.

A veneer is attached to the front of a tooth and then cemented in place. They have a 5 to 10 year shelf life although that depends upon the material used to fabricate them. They need to be cleaned and cared for in the same way as natural teeth.


A single tooth or several teeth are ‘prepared’ beforehand. The dentist roughens the surface of tooth (or teeth) before reshaping it with a drill. This ensures that the tooth is in optimum condition, ready to receive the veneer.

An impression is taken of the tooth (or teeth) with a mould filled with dental putty. This is then used to fabricate the veneers.

You may be fitted with temporary veneers whilst waiting for the fabrication of the permanent veneers.

Once they are ready you are asked to return to the practice or clinic where you are then fitted with the permanent veneers. The dentist will clean and polish your natural teeth before etching them with acid so that they provide a textured surface for the cement to attach to.

The dentist secures them in place with dental cement before using a special ‘curing light’ to harden this, firmly bonding the veneers in place. This is followed by a final polish.