Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a transparent coloured brace which uses coiled springs to help move teeth back into position. It consists of two aligners which operate in a push-pull manner, gradually guiding the teeth into place. There is a metal bar at the front of the aligner and coiled springs at the rear of the teeth which enables this movement.

The outer aligner pulls the teeth whilst the inner aligner pushes them.

This brace is an alternative to the Invisalign system. It is ideally suited to cases of misaligned upper and lower front teeth plus malocclusion.

This movement is gentle yet highly effective at repositioning protruding or misaligned teeth. Plus it is quick, taking on average 6 to 18 weeks to complete.

This brace is worn for up to 20 hours each day during this period with regular check-ups every 2 weeks. A retainer needs to be worn after treatment to prevent a relapse (teeth move again out of position).