Dental Costs Overseas

Going abroad for dental treatment is an option to paying for treatment in the UK. This is a tempting option for many people who choose to combine this with a short break at the same time. The thought of paying less for treatment is appealing and many patients are happy with the results but there are risks as well.

But there are issues to consider before doing so. This is not something to undertake lightly and plenty of research needs to be done before travelling to an overseas clinic.

There are risks and benefits with this option so do your homework and understand what you are paying for.

The most popular procedures carried out abroad are:

  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers (and other cosmetic procedures)

Have realistic expectations about this treatment and you won’t be disappointed.


A few issues to think about before signing on the dotted line:CulturalCommunicationAftercareResearch

Spend time researching clinics and dentists and ensure that they are registered and licensed. Check the qualifications of the dentist and that they are a member of a professional organisation.

Make sure that the dentist and their staff speak English. Be aware of any cultural differences and how this may affect the dentist-patient relationship. If something goes wrong, will the dentist and staff explain this to you in a clear and concise manner?

Talk to your own dentist beforehand. Obtain a quote and description of what treatment you need before making a decision. If something goes wrong whilst you are abroad and the clinic cannot put it right then you will need to seek help from a dentist in the UK.

And be aware that you may not receive all the necessary information which you would get from a UK dentist.

Think through all your options and discuss them with others before making a final decision.